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Providence Workers Compensation Attorney

Work related injuries are unexpected and devastating trials in the lives of thousands of workers across the United States. With the stressors of healing your body and providing for your family, life has suddenly become painful, confusing, and hostile. Negligent employers and their associated insurance companies may not be looking out for your best interests, lowering or even refusing to provide the true amount of compensation you’re owed. You need a trustworthy Providence Workers Compensation Attorney now.

Serving the people of Rhode Island with knowledge, expertise, and care, Michael Campopiano is a Providence Workers Compensation Attorney with the skills that get results for you and your family in your most critical time of need. Michael believes you should never settle for less than what you deserve, and he has the ability to make it happen.

What are Workers Compensation Benefits?

The Rhode Island Government requires that all employers provide their employees with minimum workers compensation benefits, with very few exceptions in certain industries. The benefits given to those injured on the job are in place to help compensate medical bills and treatments, forms of therapy and rehabilitation efforts, and lost wages from the time the employee is unable to return to work. Different types of injuries will result in different benefits and can be determined by your local Providence Workers Compensation Attorney. On-the-job injuries generally fall into three categories:

  • Temporary Partial Disability, which deals with workers who have received a non-permanent injury on-the-job, can receive up to sixty percent of the difference between wages before and after the injury in question.
  • Permanent Partial Disability involves more serious and long-term injuries that will result in workers receiving sixty percent of their weekly wages paid as weekly compensation.
  • Permanent Total and Partial Disability compensation involves workers who have been so severely injured that they will not be able to return to their normal way of life. In this case, benefits involve two-thirds of the average weekly wage, paid to the injured worker until the end of their life.

The specific type of worker’s compensation that you are eligible for can be determined by a knowledgeable workers compensation law professional. Get in touch with Michael Campopiano to learn more, a Providence Workers Compensation Attorney with a track record of excellence and professionalism.

Common Injuries

One of the biggest mistakes workers injured on the job make is assuming their injury is not severe enough for a claim or wouldn’t be covered by their employer’s insurance policy. This leads to many injured workers unaware of the benefits that are legally provided to them. Some examples of common on-the-job injuries include:

  • Collisions while driving for work purposes or while operating a company vehicle
  • Overexerted muscles or strains from pushing, pulling, lifting, or moving heavy objects
  • Slipping or falling while on work premises
  • Employees who have assaulted, attacked, or otherwise injured you through an altercation
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries resulting from repetitive movements
  • Illnesses from exposure to dangerous chemicals while at work

For a list of other kinds of injuries that qualify for workers compensation benefits, contact your local Providence Workers Compensation Attorney.

Looking for a Providence Workers Compensation Attorney?

When it comes time to file your workers compensation claim, you’ll need a law office that can give the results you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Michael F. Campopiano today, your Workers Compensation Attorney focused on nothing but excellence.